Today I am making applesauce and as I turn the handle on my food mill, I always think of Sal.  Several years ago, we bought identical food mills a few days apart and we agree-- They were a great investment.  Yesterday I had Rich bring the tractor out to the apple trees in the back yard.   I got in the bucket and had him lift me (very carefully)  high up into the tree tops  where the  biggest reddest  apples reside.  I picked a bushel.  These particular  apples are at their best now—the nip in the air seems to bring out the sweet and juice in them so no sugar is required.  It is more work to leave the  red skins on  during cooking but worth the  raspberry color they impart to the finished product.   I will use some of the spices that Sal gave me  for my birthday—cinnamon and nutmeg.  We will have fresh applesauce with dinner tonight and  freeze the rest to enjoy this winter.