Faerie Shelves

Life is everywhere in the woods:  even in winter, even in death.  Three fungus growing on a dead tree stump don snow caps and pose for an artist's rendering of a roadside still life. 

Great Horned Owl Encounter

Baltimore Oriole

Dec. 23     Today  I saw  a  Baltimore Oriole's  nest near the top of a  big  maple at the edge of the hay  field  next to the old sugarhouse.   I  observed  that most trees do not have nests and  I  wondered what makes a tree special enough to host a  bird  family.

First Astronomical Day of Winter

Dec. 21, 2012   It is  perfect weather for the first astronomical day of winter--the fluffy snow that fell in the night was tossed around  by great gusts of wind early this morning.  Then sleet, rain and more  gusts of wind  arrived .  Many  people are without power and the number is growing.   LL

Cooper's Hawk

Nov. 22, 2013   Thanksgiving  dinner was at sixes and sevens when the phone  rang and our neighbor informed  us that a "Chicken  Hawk" had  killed and was eating one of our  laying hens.  We dashed  out and saw the offending  bird--a Cooper's Hawk sitting in a nearby maple tree  waiting for us to leave.   LL 

Great Horned Owl

Nov.  2, 2012    Paul held  his arms out at shoulder height to show the wingspan of the  large grey  owl that he spotted  in the woods today.  The owl  had  "ears"  and  we  have  identified  it as  a Great Horned Owl.  We   all hope   to see  and/or hear more of this   bird.   LL

November, 2012

Nov. 1, 2012     November is my favorite month.  The leaves are gone and I can see the bird nests from past summer.  The days are short and we can dine by candlelight.  It is cold enough for a crackling  fire.  It's Thanksgiving and sometimes it snows!  For me, it is a lovely time of year. LL

Leafless tree with empty birdfeeder

Lonely tree with empty birdfeeder waiting for the first snowfall. 

Dark-eyed Juncos and Pine Siskins

Oct. 15, 2012    The temperature rose in the night and may get into sixties today.  Our neighbood is filled with Dark-eyed Juncos and Pine Siskins flitting about the trees, lawns and especially Sally's Wild Garden.  I have seen several White-crowned Sparrows on the lawn--they are welcome visitors both spring and fall.  The great exedous of honking geese reminds us to finish up the fall chores.   LL  

White River Rock

Big rock - a head
Fissures for eyes, blinking content and
drooping with age.
Fissure mouth extends across
in a long, cracking grin,
Mass at the corner is moist tongue,
The head rests, supporting youthful play.

Poem by Paul Mollomo, II
Portland, Maine

First Killing Frost

Oct. 13, 2012   The first killing frost of the season greeted us this morning.  Last week R turned over the soil in his pumpkin patch and when I walked over it this morning on my way to let the chickens out, it was frozen hard.   LL  

First Snow, 2012

Oct. 12, 2012   Although brief, the first snow of the season fell during the afternoon.  The hard pellets, known as gropple  or graupel-- are one of the words that describe a specific type of snow.   LL  

Liliesville Pop. 6

Wild Turkeys

Sep. 30, 2012     Sixteen wild turkeys grazing on the lawn and in the field this morning look like giant turtles as they glide through the grass.   LL  


Sep. 14, 2012     Eleven ravens passed over this morning circling higher and higher in  the warm humid air.  They were heading in a westerly direction.  All  were silent except for one loud bleat that provided stimulus for me to look UP.   LL  

Baby Turtle

Sep. 2, 2012     We found a small baby turtle crossing our driveway.  Probably just hatched, she was heading toward the ponds in the back yard.  It may be the offspring of the large snapping  turtle that was seen by a neighbor laying eggs near our house.  LL  

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

July 31, 2012     I watched two juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers tap their way up a telephone pole in the back yard this morning.  Then they started  tapping on the pressure-treated upright poles of the pergola.  Finally, they went for the hydrangea and the old apple tree.   LL

Beaver Dam


June 29, 2012     The male Northern Oriole  is showing a fledgling  his favorite spots;   the apple tree, the hydrangea and the spruce.   LL  

Bluebird Babies

June 23, 2012     Five baby bluebirds are  nestled  in the box with the oval entrance.  Male and female bobolinks scold me as I walk past the unmowed hayfield.  Sally has Rose-breasted Grosbeaks at her feeders and the Barn Swallows are making many trips to feed their young in the nest on the porch.   LL  

Milk Snake

June 15, 2012     I was having breakfast in the picnic area and enjoying the warm June sunshine when I noticed that I was not alone.  There was a Milk Snake  (Lampropeltis trianbulum) also enjoying the warmth of the sun on the rocks.  LL  

Who Lives in your Garden?

Summer Sketches

Dino, dining on The Ridge, our favorite picnic spot looking East.  Good wine, fruit, cheese and home bread.
A Feast!

 Sitting at the old picnic table with Linda planning the day.
Beautiful wet birch tree collecting the sprinkles.

 Sally painting the birch by the pond

Snapping Turtle

Jun. 12, 2012     A Snapping Turtle was spotted crossing the road and digging holes--presumably for a place for depositing her eggs.  Our next nearest neighbor sent this facebook message to me this morning:  "Saw the biggest turtle crossing the road heading to your ponds by your house this morning.   LL 

Migrating Songbirds

Red-Winged Black Bird in Beaver Bog
see www.vermontbirdwatching.blogspot.com

 Make Way for Mallards
see www.vermontbirdwatching.blogspot.com
Eastern Bluebird with Nest Eggs

Watercolors by Sally Wickham
see FIne Art America

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers

Jun. 5, 2012     Two Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers are drumming on the barn’s metal roof-- one on one side, and one on the other. I watched one drum and then he appeared to listen for the response. They tapped back and forth several times and then flew off into the woods.   LL