Cooper's Hawk

Nov. 22, 2013   Thanksgiving  dinner was at sixes and sevens when the phone  rang and our neighbor informed  us that a "Chicken  Hawk" had  killed and was eating one of our  laying hens.  We dashed  out and saw the offending  bird--a Cooper's Hawk sitting in a nearby maple tree  waiting for us to leave.   LL 

Great Horned Owl

Nov.  2, 2012    Paul held  his arms out at shoulder height to show the wingspan of the  large grey  owl that he spotted  in the woods today.  The owl  had  "ears"  and  we  have  identified  it as  a Great Horned Owl.  We   all hope   to see  and/or hear more of this   bird.   LL

November, 2012

Nov. 1, 2012     November is my favorite month.  The leaves are gone and I can see the bird nests from past summer.  The days are short and we can dine by candlelight.  It is cold enough for a crackling  fire.  It's Thanksgiving and sometimes it snows!  For me, it is a lovely time of year. LL