Faerie Shelves

Life is everywhere in the woods:  even in winter, even in death.  Three fungus growing on a dead tree stump don snow caps and pose for an artist's rendering of a roadside still life. 

Great Horned Owl Encounter

Baltimore Oriole

Dec. 23     Today  I saw  a  Baltimore Oriole's  nest near the top of a  big  maple at the edge of the hay  field  next to the old sugarhouse.   I  observed  that most trees do not have nests and  I  wondered what makes a tree special enough to host a  bird  family.

First Astronomical Day of Winter

Dec. 21, 2012   It is  perfect weather for the first astronomical day of winter--the fluffy snow that fell in the night was tossed around  by great gusts of wind early this morning.  Then sleet, rain and more  gusts of wind  arrived .  Many  people are without power and the number is growing.   LL