These Crimson Aerial Creatures...

Redpoll Watercolor by Sally Wickham © 2013

“...I am reminded of the incredible phenomenon of small birds in winter, --that ere long, amid the cold and powdery snow, as it were a fruit of the season, will come twittering a flock of delicate crimson-tinged birds, lesser redpolls, to sport and feed on the buds just ripe for them on the sunny side of a wood, shaking down the powdery snow there in their cheerful feeding, as if it were high midsummer to them. These crimson aerial creatures have wings which would bear them quickly to the regions of summer, but here is all the summer they want.  What a rich contrast!  tropical colors, crimson breasts, on cold white snow!”

                                                   -- Quote from the Journals of  Henry David Thoreau

Mourning Dove

Feb. 24    This morning I heard the call of a Mourning Dove—first time this year.   What a sweet sound!  That in addition to the distant drum of a woodpecker, a few chickadees and jays were the only sounds to be heard when I stepped out early to see the new fallen snow.  

Bird Nest?

Feb 7     I noticed a bird nest about 12 feet up in a young maple sapling.  It is very round and carefully constructed of fine grasses and downy fibers. A straw-like piece forms a circle at the top and the whole nest was securely fastened in several places to branches.  My conclusion is that it may be the nest of a Yellow Warbler.  It is a spot where I have not done much bird watching and plan to visit the site frequently come spring