Mourning Dove

Feb. 24, 2013    This morning I heard the call of a Mourning Dove—first time this year.   What a sweet sound!  That in addition to the distant drum of a woodpecker, a few chickadees and jays were the only sounds to be heard when I stepped out early to see the new fallen snow.   LL

Bird Nest?

Feb 7, 2013   I noticed a bird nest about 12 feet up in a young maple sapling.  It is very round and carefully constructed of fine grasses and downy fibers. A straw-like piece forms a circle at the top and the whole nest was securely fastened in several places to branches.  My conclusion is that it may be the nest of a Yellow Warbler.  It is a spot where I have not done much bird watching and plan to visit the site frequently come spring.  LL