Jan. 17, 2014   A coyote passed by Sal's Wild Garden last  night,  circled around to the pond outlet and then apparently spent some time searching in the thick grass that grows on the berm.  It is not unusual to hear their yips and mournful howls in the night.   LRL

Snake Grass

Jan. 13, 2014   Late morning walk up the road, through the woods and around the hayfield.  Found an interesting segmented plant which I have always called Snake Grass.  Upon returning home I contacted the botanist at the Vermont Fish & Game Dept. for some help with identification of the plant. 

I was surprised to flush a Snipe and posted this on VTBIRD.  I consulted Birdwatching in Vermont by Ted Murin and Bryan Pfeiffer.  They indicate that the Snipe has a rare presence in Vermont during January and February and is “extremely unlikely to be encountered.”  I was reassured when I received an email reply to my post stating that one Snipe was recorded on January 1st in the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) for the Norwich/Hanover area.    LRL

Jan. 16, 2014   I received an email from the state botanist  concerning the "snake grass."   He wrote: " Linda, your photos appear to be Equisetum hymale, common scouring rush.  It is not protected; thanks for checking."