Lake Salem, Derby, VT

May 30, 2014   Sally and Linda spent a night at the cottage on the lake and in the  morning when the sun began to warm the lake and the fog began to dissipate, Sal set up a mini art studio on the table and said "I'm going to capture the morning."   LRL 

Salem Lake, Derby, VT

Mount Olympus

July 26, 2014    R and I took a ride to the top of Mount Olympus.  It was the first time that I had been to the very top which is  2480 feet above sea level.  There are many  bright red elderberries up there.     I saw a monarch butterfly flitting around Joe Pye weed -- the first that I have seen this year. There is an excellent view of the fields that Tom Kennett of Liberty Hill Farm  has plowed and  planted to corn on the Luce Farm.  It was a beautiful afternoon ride with views that feel like forever.    LRL

Last bat?

July 28, 2014   Today was a dark and rainy day and when I looked out one of my upstairs windows, there was a black splotch on it.  Upon close inspection, I saw that it was a bat clinging to the screen.  Fortunately the bat was on the OUTSIDE of the window and flew away after a few minutes.  One evening three years ago, I stopped counting after 32 bats flew out of our attic.  Two years ago, I counted seven bats exiting and last year it was only one.   LRL