let's hang out together said the rocks to the trees

we will just stand here beside you the trees replied if that's okay

and it was

Now, every day
The trees and the rocks
Swing and play
When the breeze moves them
Each in their own way

Tea Leaf Reader Lady

Late last month, Linda, Sue and I, friends and neighbors for over forty years, visited Perennial Pleasures Tea Room and Gardens, East Hardwick, Vermont...but we regret not having had a conversation with the Tea Leaf Reader Lady... Maybe next time.

I remember her beautiful, peaceful karma while sitting under the full bloom Crab Apple tree. She never moved except to give Linda a tea pouring lesson! She must have been privy to our girl-chatter. Probably dying to read our leaves!

She was dressed in a bright yellow chemise with a bright blue aloha skirt. 
Her beads, multicolored. 
Her long graying hair tumbled over her shoulders.