Rainy Day

Apr 25, 2018  Looks like we are in for a rainy day.  Now that most of the patches of snow have melted, I am hoping that the rain will begin to green up the fields.   LRL

Bluebirds vs Swallows

Apr 24, 2018   It looks like a pair of Eastern Bluebirds have made a choice.  They have spent the day protecting the two bluebird houses near the Buckeye and the Weather Station.  He spends a lot of time sitting in the tree and she is in and out of one of the houses--frequently with her head sticking out which prevents a Tree Swallow from entering.  It seems to be working.  I think the protection of the nearby tree helps but who knows?

I wonder if this is the same male bluebird that I saw early in March that prompted us to get out there and clean out the houses--but then I did not see another for over a month.    LRL

Bird Houses in Blue

Apr 21, 2018  Yesterday R & I painted the birdhouses blue and  changed their locations.  While we think bluebirds prefer blue houses, we also liked the color.  Now there are two above the old barn foundation and three in the backyard  picnic area.  They are paired because the Tree Swallows do not like to live within 25 feet or so of each other--they are close knit families that take up a lot of space. Spacing the birdhouses  gives the Eastern Bluebird a chance to choose a house--or take one the Tree Swallows have rejected.    LRL