Spring Dreams

Watercolors by Sally Della Wickham

April is the month to dream:  in Vermont we dream about sunny days, baby birds hatching, flowers beginning to bloom.  Sometimes the  April showers that bring May flowers  are not rain, but snow.  We call that  "Poor Man's Fertilizer" because  when the snow melts, the  straw-colored fields transform  to bright green and  it is truly manna from heaven that has enriched the soil.    LRL

The Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree

Along the road side
Branches on the cherry tree
Curl around a cloud. 


Trees and art and travel intertwine in our blog today.  The Black Cherry Tree near Sal's house reminds her of Japanese art and her trip to Japan.  The haiku was  written to honor this tree and include the artist's insight about the worldly-ness of place.  


Walking on the Crust

February 10, 2019    There are lots of  things to love about winter.  One of those things is all the different weather situations that the season presents.  For the past three days, it has been possible to walk just about anywhere in the fields and in the woods on the crust.   I love walking on the crust.  It is crunchy, fun and an almost Biblical experience because you are literally walking on water--albeit frozen snow.  No need for skis or snowshoes.  LRL

Ice Arenas

February 7. 2019   We drove over to Middlebury  to buy a burl bowl that we saw the week before at Edgewater Gallery.  On the way,  there were many skating rinks--formed naturally from the rain last week and the melted snow from the warm days.  The largest was formed from overflow of the Otter Creek in the lowland  meadows of  Pittsford.  It appeared smooth and glassy and maybe an acre or more of ice!   On the way home there were two skaters at another naturally formed rink on Route 100 in Stockbridge.  Gee. I wish I hadn't given my ice skates away.   LRL