Mama Snapping Turtle Saga

June 20, 2013   a very wet and rainy day here in Central Vermont.  As I looked out over our Lupine wild garden, I saw a turtle foraging through the dirt.  A closer look I realized it was a large Northern Snapping Turtle digging a hole in preparation to lay her eggs.  Although camouflaged, her hooked snout, diamond back shaped shell, and long prehistoric spiked tail was a dead give-away!  Beware was her warning so I looked but did not touch

 June 23, 2013  Three days later, I noticed her body-print in the mud out by the pond, about 150 yards away.  Then suddenly, I turned and noticed two perfectly round white orbs on the bottom on the pond, inches away from where I was standing.  I took off my Sloggers and waded into the pond to retrieve the eggs which I was sure would not incubate exposed in that cold water.  I walked them back to the Lupine garden a deposited them in the original hole the Mama Snapper had previously dug.

Now we wait for the hatchlings to to emerge in 16 weeks, which will be the last week in September, or the first week in October.   SDW


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